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When we first started the construction business, Wollman Construction, Inc., it was quickly apparent construction math was going to take place.

construction math you say?

Well…. it’s a lot like chicken math.

Here’s how chicken math works.

If the coop hold 12 chickens, younpurcjase 12 chickens. Then a month later you stop by TSC and see it’s chick days. You come home with 6 chicks. The next month you adopt 4 more birds…..

in the end, you’re unsure how many birds you have, only that you could always use a few more….


Enjoy these Chicken Math Memes

img_4645 img_4648img_4647img_4644img_4646img_4643


Time to head back back to my cup of coffee and think of how many construction tools I’m going to need to acquire this year and how many more chickens I need……


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