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Last post we spoke about a client whose attic had high moisture levels. Clifford had checked for penetration through the roof deck, because common causes of water damage on interior ceilings are roof leaks. Clifford’s inspection revealed no damage on the roof which would cause water to penetrate into the attic and cause damage. Upon entering the attic, the interior of the attic was inspected for non-common causes of moisture entering the attic.

This is the first unusual thing which greeted us once we entered the attic space.

bathroom vent vented into attic
bathroom vent, vented into attic

This is a bathroom fan which is being vented into the attic space. Image ever time you take a bath or shower,…… think of all the moisture which is being sucked out of the bathroom to provide adequate ventilation to ensure the bathroom doesn’t grow mold…… instead of being pumped safely outside, it is being dumped into the attic crawl space. The insulation underneath the bathroom vent was moved to better inspect the OSB surface beneath it. The OSB had water stains of varying levels. The OSB was also showing signs of warping due to the quantity of water which was blowing onto its surface. In addition, the OSB had rotten areas directly below the vent.

The bathroom fan being incorrectly vented was definitely contributing to the water damage the homeowner was experiencing.

Stay tuned for more posts digging into the root causes of water damage on a ceiling.


If there is water damage on the ceiling, please call a licensed contractor immediately.


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